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Shipping & Returns


Last Updated: [Friday, January 19th, 2024]

Listen up, wise guys! Welcome to Alcan Spring's Online Store, where we do things our way. Before you make a move, read the rules carefully, capisce?


  1. Returns are only accepted within 30 days. Time is money, and we don't wait forever.

  2. Products must have been bought from us, not some other schmuck dealer. Keep it in the family.

  3. A 3% processing fee is always on the table. It's our cut for handling the paperwork.

Shipped Orders:

  1. On shipped orders, a 7% restocking fee and a 3% processing fee are on the tab. That's the cost of doing business.

  2. Special products like bumpers, hitches, and bed cages with optional powder coat are in a different league. They carry a 7% restocking fee and a 3% processing fee. Cancel before we lay on the powder, and we might cut you some slack on the 7%.

  3. For shipped orders, we're not in the business of covering your tracks. Return shipping and the original shipping amount are on your tab, capisce?

Product Conditions:

  1. Parts better come back in the original package, just like we sent them. No funny business.

  2. Forget about returns on items that are damaged or installed. Once it's in play, it's game over.


  1. We'll kick back your refund once the parts are back in our hands and we give 'em the once-over. No shortcuts.

Special Cases:

  1. Custom products are like a made man – once they're in, they don't come out. No refunds.

  2. Crypto orders are a different beast. We'll refund the same coin amount you paid upfront. Don't try to play us.

Contact Us: If you've got the nerve to ask questions, do it through backchannels. We're not running a helpline here.

Note: This policy is our law. Cross us, and you'll find out what happens to those who don't play by the rules.